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How many Binders/Sleeves do I need?

We would recommend you count up how many dvd retail cases you want to transfer over.  Typically 1 sleeve can be used for each dvd retail case you have.  For example the contents of the below 20 retail cases will fit into 20 sleeves and 1 DVD Binder.   Therefore if you have a collection of 200 DVDs then you will need 200 sleeves and 10 Binders.

How many sleeves can you store in each Binder?

This really depends on the DVD titles you own as some contain multiple disks and/or additional booklets.   On average a typical set of 20 sleeves containing a mix of single, double disks and booklets will fit into a binder.  If your collection is mostly single disks then you can fit many more in, if your collection is lots of double disks and booklets, then it may be less than 20.

Can I store DVD retail cases that are made of cardboard (e.g. Warner Brothers cases)?

Yes you can, however you will need to remove the plastic parts of the case. Please see section here on how to remove the plastic components.  Please note that in some cases this may be a tight fit.

Can I store TV & Movie Box Sets?

Yes you can.  Some of our customers put 3 disks in one sleeve by putting 2 disks in the rear pockets and one in the front pocket behind the artwork.  Others prefer to limit to 2 disks per sleeve, this is really a personal choice.  Where multiple sleeves are used for 1 box set, some customers ask what to do about a lack of artwork for the second or subsequent sleeves.  In this case, we would recommend to photo copy the artwork from the first sleeve to use in the subsequent sleeves.   

Can I store Music CDs and its artwork?

Yes you can, however you please note that as CD artwork is smaller than DVDs the artwork will not fill the entire sleeve.

How do I use the DVD FlatPak Sleeves?

Samba Tech FlatPak sleeves can store all the contents of a standard DVD packaging case. 

Standard DVD/Blu-ray/Game Cases

1. To use simply open the DVD case, and slide out the DVD Cover art from the case.

2. Fold the Cover art along the spine on the right hand seam.

3. Slide the Cover art into the front pocket of the FlatPak Sleeve.

4. DVD booklets slide in behind the artwork in the FlatPak Sleeve.

5. Movie DVD and Bonus disc slide into the rear pocket. 

How to Use DVD FlatPak Sleeve


Cardboard DVD Case

1. Open the DVD case, and turn it upside down.

2. Open the clips on the bottom and top edge of the dvd case to release the cardboard cover. 

3. Remove the Cover art

4. Fold the Cover art along the spine on the right hand seam.

5. Slide the Cover art into the front pocket of the FlatPak Sleeve.

6. DVD booklets slide in behind the artwork in the FlatPak Sleeve.

7. Movie DVD and Bonus disc slide into the rear pocket.

  Cardboard DVD Case

How do I assemble the DVD Storage Box?

Our DVD Storage Box is delivered as a flat pack.  To build your box:
1. Unpack the product and you will find 3 components; the box carcass, the lid and a base support which you will find in the lid.  
2. Unfold the box carcass by pulling out the folded sides
3. Insert the base support into base of the box
4. The lid can now be placed on box.  On one end of the box you find indentations where you can optionally use our label index system as above. 

How does the Binder labelling system work?

Our labels are based on a 3 level labelling system which allows our customers to store an unlimited number of disks.


The first level classifies the general binder content of Movies, Games, or Music.  The second level identifies the Genre of the disk, with the third level allowing large collections to be split alphabetically across multiple binders e.g. A to L.


What do you recommend for labelling & cataloging my collection?


As 20 to 25 DVD titles can be stored in one binder, select Genres according to the number of movies in your collection. The labels we provide contain both high level generic categories like Action and low level detailed categories such as Adventure, therefore as your collection grows you can use our system to re-catalogue your collection in finer detail.

The diagram below provides some ideas on the possible labelling options depending on the size of your collection.  Obviously if your collection is predominantly in one Genre, then multiple binders can be used by breaking up your collection across multiple binders using the alphabet indexing. 

For more ideas on what Genre a specific movie would be in then the International Movie Database will provide detailed classifications of your movies.  The website can be found here: