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Samba Tech Limited
Space saving solutions to manage your CD, DVD, Blu-ray & Video Game collections

We are a British company, who as Movie enthusiasts with large DVD collections, wanted to store our DVD collections in a reduced space. Like everyone else we searched the web and could find no products that really fitted the bill. We found some products but there was always a compromise, for example sleeves were found to be wrong way round, not big enough to fit artwork, and could not fit in most binders. In addition filing the sleeves away was an issue, binders were found to be too office like, not deep enough, too little or too many rings, etc. In addition no one had really addressed the labeling issue. If you put your sleeves in a binder how do you know which binder to look at to find your film? So to address these issues we designed our own products to meet these basic storage requirements.

Our custom sleeves will store the contents of standard DVD cases, Warner Brother card board cases, and Blu-ray cases, including the movie disk, bonus disk, cover artwork, and booklets in our own or off the shelf A5 binders that have 2, 3, or 4 rings. Our custom Binders have been designed to be an elegant solution to store on a book shelf, which are deep enough to store the contents of at least 20 DVD cases, and have been designed to use our unique labeling system, so you know exactly which binder contains your disks.


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