Don't buy new furniture.
store 4 times as many DVD's in the same space!

We specialise in DVD, Blu-ray, CD & Video Game storage solutions that will allow our customers to reduce the amount of space taken up by their collections. With the growth of portable media players many people are converting their collections to digital format and storing on hard disk or solid state memory, but what do you do with your collection?

Our solutions allow customers to store their collections in a fraction of the space taken by traditional DVD, Blu-ray, CD & Game cases. On average a DVD collection is around 100 DVDs which takes up approximately 1.5m/5ft of shelf space. With our solutions these collections can be compressed to a quarter of the size to around 37.5cm/14.8", which includes the binder.

Our custom designed DVD binders and Sleeves have been specifically designed or selected to optimize the storage of your DVD/Blu-Ray collection to create the perfect effect for your home.

FlatPak Sleeves
Our unique sleeves have been specifically designed to store the entire contents of existing DVD/Blu-ray/Game packaging in a fraction of the space.
Bookshelf Storage
Shelf Storage
Custom designed storage solutions for storing your DVD/Blu-ray/Game collections on shelves.
Drawer and Box Storage
Drawer and Box Storage
Custom designed storage solutions to store your collection in drawers or storage boxes.
Bulk Packs
Bulk Packs
For customers with larger collections, these discounted Bulk Order Packs comprise of everything you need to catalog and store your collection.